Saturday, August 30, 2014

V-Neck Chiffon Cardigan from YesStyle

Hi mochis! I’m really happy to say that this time I'm working together with YesStyle! I was so happy when they e-mailed me since I have been crushing on their shop for some years ~ 

I included a lot of pictures but if you want to go directly to the review, please scroll to the very bottom. ˆˆ

image Basic Info
Color: Yellow
Brand: CatWorld
Original Size: Women - Taiwan (Size Chart)
One Size:
Total Length: 54.6cm / 21.5", Shoulder Width: 38.1cm / 15",
Bust: 99cm / 39", Waist: 91.4cm / 36",
Hem: 38.1cm / 15", Sleeve Length: 53.3cm / 21",
Sleeve Circumference: 45.7cm / 18", Arm: 40.6cm / 16",
Cuff: 11.4cm / 4.5"
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image  Product Picturesimage  


image Wearing the cardiganimage 

Product Review
image Fit : 5/5
I was a bit reluctant because this cardigan is “one size” and asian clothes are usually smaller than the ones sold in Western countries. However, it fit me perfectly! The sleeves and length are perfect on my body.
image Style : 5/5
I don’t have a lot of yellow clothes (I think this is my very first piece) and I reallly love it! Also, did you guys see how cute the shoulders look? image
image Price : 4/5
I think it’s a reasonable price for the high quality and design. However, comparing to other cardigans online, you may be reluctant….but really, this is really worth it because the quality is above average. I think it’s much better for you to pay $5-10 more on a piece of clothing that will have a good fit and will last for years. 
image Quality : 5/5
The cardigan is thinner than I was expecting so instead of wearing it in autumn, I’m going to be wearing it in the summer/spring ~ 
image Service : 5/5
My questions about the product were quickly and kindly answered!
image YesStyle : 5/5
I love going through their site because they have such a big variety of products. They always have a sale/promotion going on too! For this month, they are offering free shipping on ALL orders and an additional 10% OFF on your order. Also, I love their really big variety of Japanese cosmetics which also have a really fair price. image

You can get the V-Neck Chiffon Cardigan here!


Thank you YesStyle for sponsoring me!


I hope you liked my review! Comments are welcomed! 

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  1. This cardigan is so cuuuute~~! It's perfect for spring/summer and will make me look really nice in that white dress that's sitting in the back of my closet lol! Also, could I ask where you got the blue dress from, it's beautiful!! <3