Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reader's Question: What products do you recommend for acne prone skin?

Note: Since this was initially a Tumblr ask answer, it's really informal so I hope you understand! Thank you!
I also have acne prone skin so I will tell you what products worked well for my skin but remember that they might not be as effective for everyone
|| TONER ||
I won't recommend a specific products but please search for a product according to these:
- Paraben free
- Alcohol free
- Oil free

Choose a product that also doesn't have those 3 ingredients
I like asian moisturisers because they are more liquid than american ones
I have heard good reviews about Clinique though and all the products I tried so far by Clinique were really good
Here are some moisturisers I want to try:
* Suitable for the morning since it's not as concentrated
** Suitable for the night since it's more concentrated
Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream **
Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum * (This is a serum though so it's thick and not watery)
If you want more watery moisturiser, I recommend the Shiseido ones! They are good quality and the ones from Aqualabel aren't that expensive

|| SERUM ||
I don't use any serum at the moment but I ordered the super popular and best seller 21;5C Serum!!! Omg, I can't wait until it arrives!!!
So the serum is supposed to give your skin a deep treatment, for an example: whitening, acne treatment, moisturising, vitamining, etc! 
- 21,5C Serum: Product || Review (Good for acne scars, the RED serum is good too!!!)
RED Serum (this looks SO good) 
Even though this isn't a serum, it's a treatment cream
It avoids redness, I have a Clinique one but I heard really nice reviews on the Ciracle one: 
Ciracle Anti Redness Cream

In order to get rid of the oilness, before shower, I use a white clay mask
It's good for whitening :)
I want to try the Innisfree Volcanic Clay mask though, however there is a CIRACLE version!! 
- Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Mask

It reduces pores and oilness!! It's in my want list :3
Rokujiss Pure Vita C Mask
Vitamin C is good for your skin, I think it's the substance that makes the collagen work ˆˆ It also has whitening effects ~ 

If you have any more questions or more specific product requests, please tell me! 
I hoped I helped, see you!!

<< If I get enough comments, I will make a 'prettier' post with even more details! >>

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