Friday, January 23, 2015

Review || Sailor Ruffle Dress

Hi mochis! 

Today I will be reviewing Syndrome store's Sailor Ruffle Dress.
I have been in love with Syndrome for a really long time so when they said I could pick a product to review, I was really happy!
I think what makes the store so popular is the fact that everything is kawaii and HQ there.
They have a HUGE variety of clothes and they are ALL so cute and unique. They have all these sections you can check out and drool over:

image  Harajuku image
image  Doll Style image
image  Pastel image
image  Punk image

image Details image

Length: 70CM 

Bust: 88CM 

Shoulder: 40CM 

Cuff: 32CM 
Waist: 60 ~ 96CM

Japanese sailor dresses are the cutest! With those ruffly ruffles, you'll be sending everyone into a moe-induced heart attack. Too kawaii! Comes in mint and white!

imageProduct Picturesimage

I went shopping with the dress ~ hehe

image Design: 5/5

I fell in love with this dress the first time I saw it. It looks so sweet and innocent. I think it's great for a doll look or if you are just a kawaii princess ~ hehe

image Comfort: 4/5

The dress is comfortable, the upper arm part is pretty loose. The only thing that made me a bit uncomfortable was the upper waist part since it's an elastic material. Apart from that, everything is comfortable and cute! 

image Shipping: 5/5

The dress came nicely wrapped and it came in perfect conditions. It was pretty fast too!

image Syndrome/Service: 5/5

The store owner is very nice and I think she has an awesome taste in fashion. Syndrome is a store that you will never get tired of. You can shop again and again because they offer so many different styles. I'm definitely shopping there again!

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Happy shopping ~



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  1. you look so cute!! i will be checking this place out very soon<3