Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review // Heart Shaped Print Tights from Oasap

Hi mochis! image
This is the second item Oasap sent me! The adorable Heart-Shape Print Tights  ~ 

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image About
Oasap is an online clothing store that sells a high variety of cute clothes for a very reasonable price. 

image Details:
  • Material: Velvet 
  • One size
  • Price: $5.90
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image Photos
Cute heart close up ~ 
I wore it with a suspender skirt ~ 

image Design: 5/5
This is so adorable. They easily became my favorite tights ever! It looks perfect with skirts, dresses and even shorts ~ 

image Quality: 5/5
To my surprise, it's quite thick, especially the black parts. The hearts are also really cute and perfect.

image Comfort: 5/5
They feel really comfortable and are easier to put on than other tights since they are thicker. image

image Service: 5/5
Oasap is the best  ~ They replied to all my e-mails/questions super fast and were super nice even though I'm such a slow person. /sob

image  image

Visit Oasap for high fashion clothing! 

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