Saturday, November 29, 2014

Review // Suspender Skirt from Oasap

Hi mochis! image

image Today I will be reviewing the Punk A-Line Suspender Skirt from Oasap  image

image About
Oasap is an online clothing store that sells a high variety of cute clothes for a very reasonable price. 

image Details:
  • Material: Polyester 
  • One size: Hip:106cm,Waist:58-86cm,Length:37cm
  • Price: $15

You can also wear it with the suspender down ~ 

image Design: 5/5
It's my very first suspender skirt and I'm really glad I got it. It fits well with various tops and you can wear it through the whole year no matter what season you are. image I think it's also really different from clothes we usually see in stores...I have never seen it here at least. ._.

image Quality: 4.5/5
I wished the skirt's fabric was a bit thicker however apart from this, it has really good quality. 

image Comfort: 4.5/5
I chose size S so the skirt is a bit short in my opinion, so I'll probably wear it with tights. The waist part stretches quite a bit so if you have a bit of tummy like me, it will be ok. ;D Also, since I don't wear skirts that often, I really like this skirt's length since I feel really comfortable while wearing it.

image Service: 5/5
Oasap is really nice! image  They answered all my questions/e-mails in 24h and I love the bags/shoes/clothes from their store.


Visit Oasap for high fashion clothing!


Thank you Oasap for sponsoring me! I loved all the items I received and can't wait to write about every single one of them to my followers!
Thank you for reading my review! If you have questions/comments, don't hesitate to send me an ask ~ 

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