Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review // Leggings from SandysShop

Hi Mochis! Today I will be reviewing these cute tights from SandyShop.image The past few months I have been really into black, so no wonder I chose these leggings to review!
It's really easy to match this bottom with any top soooo if you are super busy like me, it's an item you should have in your closet. Yes.

image Coupon code: enter 'korean-oppa' for 10% OFF on your order


I had a happy time shopping my cute leggings ~ image

I look so awkward 'posing' ; _ ;  Don't judge...


image Design: 5/5
It looks really cute and I love wearing it with a skirt or shorts. I got a lot of compliments whenever I wore them. 

image Fitting: 5/5
I'm not super skinny but the S size fit me well. It's very stretchy and since I'm only 156 cm, it's longer than my legs but when I wear it, it doesn't show or anything. 

image Price: 10/5
SandyShop is able to sell their products at a really low price. I was looking at socks and tights on Storenvy and also on bigger shops online but SandyShop still had the best prices! Also, if you want an additional discount, you can enter the code 'korean-oppa' for an additional 10% OFF your order.

image Comfort: 5/5
The legging is thin, soft and stretchy which makes it extremely easy to move around with it. 

image Service: 5/5
Sandy (the store owner) is really nice and was extremely efficient through out the whole process. It's also really cute how she sends candy and a note with every order. This kind of service is rare and makes you feel like a special customer. hehe ⊂(^(工)^)⊃


image My favorite products from SandysShop:


image Special Discount! image
Enter the code 'korean-oppa' for 10% OFF on all items


 image Thank you Sandy for sponsoring me, I had an amazing experience with your shop and will continue to recommend it to my friends and followers! image

Thank you for reading my review (don't forget to leave a comment!) & happy shopping! image

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