Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Having Blackhead Problems?

I think everyone has looked into the mirror one day and noticed the large black dots on their nose. The good news? They can disappear! 
Wishtrend launched their 40th WISH BOX which comes with:
4SHEETS X ELIZABETH Pore Clear Nose Pack
Blackhead 3 Step Nose Pack

Isn't it a lot? You can use all these for over a month and have all of your blackheads and white heads removed! 
Since it's summer in the North hemisphere, you should watch out and prevent the blackheads, very common in the summer season because of the sun and oil production from your pores.

Wishtrend is giving 30% off ($12 saving) so don't hesitate and get your blackheads removed at home! :D 
I hope this helps everyone's nose! hehe

Have a good day!

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