Saturday, December 27, 2014

Beuberry B.B Grey

Hi mochis! 

Today I will be reviewing these cute lenses kindly sponsored by UNIQSO.

image Basic info
Brand: Beuberry

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 2 tones
Diameter: 16mm
Water content: 55%

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image Remember to always take good care of your eyes and lenses.


image They arrived safely packed in bubble wrap and also inside a little box. UNIQSO recently changed their shipping methods to guarantee cheaper and faster shipping worldwide.

image This is how the lenses look with natural sunlight and from some distance. Very natural looking right? 

image A close up ~ You can clearly see two tones :)

image  Extra selca 


image Size enlargement: 5/5
This lenses make my eyes look huge and innocent! In my opinion they are pretty noticeable but I showed my friends pictures of me wearing these lenses and they didn't notice I was wearing anything (?). Therefore, I think these can be wore in a daily basis or to a special occasion, it depends on ow comfortable you are with lenses, how much makeup you put on, etc.

image Design & Color: 5/5
Even though it says it's 2 shades, I think you are only able to notice it from a close distance. I don't mind this, but if you do, you should get a lighter tone. 

image Comfort: 5/5
After e-mailing UNIQSO, Lee told me that since it was my first time, it would have been better if I picked smaller lenses which I totally agree on but I wasn't smart enough to think that before picking them. OTL However, to my surprise they are much more comfortable than the 14mm I have. I think it's because UNIQSO's lenses is 55% water while the other one is only 33%. If you want some tips on how to choose lenses please visit here!

image Overall: 5/5
I totally recommend buying from UNIQSO because they have quality, promotions and a big variety of products to choose from. I really love the lenses and will be wearing them often ~ 


Thank you UNIQSO for sponsoring me, I really loved working with you!


Please check out their amazing shop here!
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If you liked the lenses as much as I did, get them here


Happy shopping and thank you so much for reading my review! 

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