Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review // Rose Sweater by Lookbook Store

Hi mochis! image 

Today I'm going to review the first item Lookbook store sent me. 

Lookbook store is an online

fashion store that sells a huge variety of clothes.

I have so many items from there on my wishlist, so please check

 them out here!


image  You can check out the Rose top here.image 

image Details image

Let your sweet side shine by donning this 3D rose top. The mesh rosettes not only add texture to the delicate-looking top, but also the baby pink color makes it extra soft and girly. It has a pullover neckline, which can be pulled to the side to show off your shoulder for a flirty look. The 3D floral rosettes is constructed with a combination of 90% nylon and 10% spandex lace. While the top is fully lined, it gives a breezy feel to the wearer. This slightly cropped blouse looks flirty with skirts, shorts and jeans.

image Item specifics image
Color: Baby Pink
3D Floral Lace (90% Nylon / 10% Spandex) construction
Style has slightly cropped fit
Hand Wash Cold 



image  Design: 5/5 image 
This sweater is so adorable. image The roses look really delicate and the quality is really good.
image  Fitting: 5/5 image 
I got this sweater in size S and I think it fits me perfectly.
image  Comfort: 5/5 image 
This sweater is really comfy and I think it's more suitable for spring/summer.
image  Lookbook store: 5/5 image 
I really like Lookbook store because it has a huge variety of items and offers worldwide free shipping. The staff who handled my order were really nice and answered all my doubts, replying very fast to my e-mails.


image  You can check out the Rose top here.image 


Thank you for reading my review, I hope you liked it.
Feel free to comment below!
Happy shopping!

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